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Living History for Schools at the Museum


The Museum is currently developing ‘Living History’ workshops for schools so that pupils can learn more about the past in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Three Living History workshops have been devised so pupils can learn more about the past in an interactive and enjoyable way. Two workshops are based on life in Victorian times and one looks at World War Two. They cost £1 per head each.

The 19th century workshops transport students to the dark days of the Irish Potato Famine to see what life was like in the Newry Union Workhouse of 1847. They can also enter a Victorian school room where they will be met with strict discipline and the threat of the cane!

Pupils can help keep Newry and Mourne safe during World War 2, as they are learn how to be Fire Guard Messengers. They will be instructed on Blackouts, Gas Masks, and what to do during air raid. They will also help with evacuees new to the area and learn about the importance of rationing.

Some of the feedback received from teachers and pupils was positive as one student said "I really believed we were talking to these people from long ago. The Workhouse Matron was quite scary". A teacher commented that "The whole experience was excellent.

Contact Details

Please telephone 028 3031 3178 for more information

Workshouse Inmate

Free Tour of Newry and Mourne Museum every Sunday at 3pm


The free tour of Newry and Mourne Museum will now commence at 3pm every Sunday.

If haven’t visited the Museum before or you would like to hear more about the history of the area this is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The exhibitions provide an overview of the history and the diverse range of objects relating to the development of the region from 9,000 years ago to the present day.

Architectural features from the history of Bagenal’s Castle and the adjoining 19th-century warehouse have also been integrated into the Museum exhibition layout.

There are also two temporary exhibitions on display which deal with various aspects of Newry and Mourne's history.

Group numbers are limited to twelve.

Contact Details

If you like more information or you would like to book please telephone 028 3031 3178.

Visitors at the Museum

World War One Stands


Newry and Mourne Museum has developed a travelling exhibition on "Newry and Mourne in the Great War".

It consists of five pop-up stands and covers
(1) Recruitment & Service
(2) The Home Front
(3) Women & Children
(4) Political Developments
(5) Peace and Remembrance.

It tells the local story of the impact of the First World War, with references to Bessbrook, Jerretspass, Kilkeel, Newry, Newtownhamilton, Rostrevor. and Warrenpoint, etc.

Contact Details

The exhibition can be hired by calling 028 3031 3182/3178 or emailing museum@newryandmourne.gov.uk.

Museum re-opened


March 2018 saw the completion of a major revamp to
the Museum, which led to a major redesign to the
layout of the galleries, with new graphics and displays.

These changes has allowed for many new items to go
on display.

The revamp included the installation of a number of
new displays including artefacts from an
archaeological dig at Carnbane near Newry.

There are four new interactives for children including a
touch screen display and a spinner highlighting the
history of the castle and McCann’s bakery.

Ireland Divides: Towards Partition and Civil War


From 9 - 13 April, at 10 am to 12 noon Newry and Mourne Museum will host the lecture series titled “Ireland Divides: Towards Partition and Civil War.”

This five-day course, delivered by Dr. Cathal McManus from Queens University Belfast, will examine the period 1918-1921 when the political situation in Ireland reached new levels of crisis.

With the restructuring of Sinn Féin and the broader republican movement, the demand for independence grew ever more loudly and was reinforced by the dramatic results of the 1918 General Election. The upsurge in support for “The Republic”, however, once again threw the spotlight on the Ulster Question.

Was the partition of Ireland now inevitable?

The lecture series is free of charge, but pre-booking of places is advisable.

Contact Details

If you wish to book or you require more information about this event please telephone 028 3031 3178 or email declan.carroll@nmandd.org.

‘Dorset Button Making’ craft workshops


We will host Debbie McCann from Wee Yarn Designs, who will facilitate two ‘Dorset Button Making’ craft workshops. These sessions are designed for adults (or anyone over 16).

Participants are taken through the history of the Dorset button and how it can be used today for embellishment or as a piece of quirky jewellery! Debbie will demonstrate how to make a simple cross wheel button and then guide the participants in the creation of their own brooch or necklace, which you can take home. This will appeal to anyone with an interest in traditional heritage craft and textiles.

The sessions will be held here, at Newry and Museum on Saturday 21 April 10am to 12.30 noon and again from 2pm to 4.30pm.

There will be a £5 cost and pre-payment (cash or cheque only) is required to secure a place as numbers for these sessions are very limited. We would appreciate if participants could inform the Museum if they are unable to attend.

Contact Details

If you require more information please call 028 3031 3178

National Drawing Day 2018


National Drawing Day has become a major annual event for Museums north and south focusing on a range of drawing activities that invite participants to engage with museum collections or current exhibitions.

Newry and Mourne Museum will be taking part this year with a workshop for children titled ‘Colour Wheel Self Portrait’. Participants will take a brief tour of the Museum’s art collection and after that, they will learn how to draw faces using markers, pencils, and crayons. Children should bring in a photograph of themselves or member of their family.

An adult must accompany children. The session will start at 10.00am – 12pm on Saturday 19 May. This activity is suitable for ages 7 – 11, and an adult must accompany all children. There is a cost of £1.50 per child.

This year we have decided to let some of the grown-ups take part in some of our activities as guest artist Orla Barry hosts 'Explore Drawing for Beginners,’ a class designed for adults who have not had the opportunity to take up drawing before. There will be some quick fun exercises followed by more focused activities inspired by the Museum’s collection, using a mixture of mediums including pencils, charcoal and ink on paper.

The session will start at 1pm – 3pm on Saturday 19 May. This activity is suitable for ages 16 plus. There is a cost of £5 per person.

Numbers for these activities are limited so pre-booking of places is essential.

Contact Details

For more information or to book please telephone Newry and Mourne Museum 028 3031 3178 or email declan.carroll@nmandd.org.

Summer Lectures 2018


Newry and Mourne Museum is hosting two talks in June.

Monday 11th June 10am – 12pm

The People’s Act: Democracy to the Fore

This talk will provide a historical background to the Representation of the People Act (1918) and examine its key legacy. In particular, it will examine its significance for women as demands for equal suffrage continued.

Tuesday 12th June 10am – 12pm

War and Peace: 1918 in Context

This talk will look at end of World War I and assess its short term legacy. It will assess the hopes and expectations of those involved in the conflict as peace was finally restored.

Both of these talks will be delivered by Dr. Cathal McManus from Queens University Belfast.

Contact Details

The lectures are free of charge, but pre-booking of places is advisable. If you wish to book or you require more information about this event please telephone 028 3031 3178 or email declan.carroll@nmandd.org

Summer Lectures 2018

Cake Decorating Workshop


On Saturday 30 June 10am to 4pm Lindy McMahon will facilitate a step by step, hands on workshop suitable for adults (18 plus) on cake decorating.

As you can see by the picture of the finished cake this may be the workshop for the fashion conscious.

The workshop costs £15 and does not include a lunch. This will be a pre-paid event.

Numbers for this activity are limited so pre-booking of places is essential.

Contact Details

To book call 028 3031 3178

Handbag Cake

Make in the Museum


We will host from 23 – 27 July 2018 the second of our summer workshops inspired by the main and temporary exhibitions titled 'Make in the Museum' .

Children will take part in an exciting, creative exploration of the Museum’s unique artefacts through the medium of drawing, sculpture/installation and glass.

Each participant will choose an object on display in the galleries that interests them, and through the processes of photography, drawing, 2D sculpture, 3D sculpture, glass design and glass painting they will recreate that object using a variety of techniques.

At the end of the week they will have created a series of distinct objects reflecting the history of Newry and Mourne.

Each day’s activity will lead on to the next day’s event, so participants are encouraged to stay for all five days.

The workshops will take place from 10.30am – 1pm and will cost £15 per child for the week. Numbers are limited and the sessions planned are suitable for children aged 7 - 12.

Parents are encouraged to stay, but it is not essential. Children must be dressed for mess. If you intend to leave your child you will have to fill a registration form and return it to the Museum.

Contact Details

If you wish to book or you require more information, please telephone 028 3031 3178.

Glass Painting

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