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Living History for Schools at the Museum


The Museum is currently developing ‘Living History’ workshops for schools so that pupils can learn more about the past in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Three Living History workshops have been devised so pupils can learn more about the past in an interactive and enjoyable way. Two workshops are based on life in Victorian times and one looks at World War Two. They cost £1 per head each.

The 19th century workshops transport students to the dark days of the Irish Potato Famine to see what life was like in the Newry Union Workhouse of 1847. They can also enter a Victorian school room where they will be met with strict discipline and the threat of the cane!

Pupils can help keep Newry and Mourne safe during World War 2, as they are learn how to be Fire Guard Messengers. They will be instructed on Blackouts, Gas Masks, and what to do during air raid. They will also help with evacuees new to the area and learn about the importance of rationing.

Some of the feedback received from teachers and pupils was positive as one student said "I really believed we were talking to these people from long ago. The Workhouse Matron was quite scary". A teacher commented that "The whole experience was excellent.

Contact Details

Please telephone 028 3031 3178 for more information

Workshouse Inmate

Free Tour of Newry and Mourne Museum every Sunday at 3pm


The free tour of Newry and Mourne Museum will now commence at 3pm every Sunday.

If haven’t visited the Museum before or you would like to hear more about the history of the area this is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The exhibitions provide an overview of the history and the diverse range of objects relating to the development of the region from 9,000 years ago to the present day.

Architectural features from the history of Bagenal’s Castle and the adjoining 19th-century warehouse have also been integrated into the Museum exhibition layout.

There are also two temporary exhibitions on display which deal with various aspects of Newry and Mourne's history.

Group numbers are limited to twelve.

Contact Details

If you like more information or you would like to book please telephone 028 3031 3178.

Visitors at the Museum

“Brotherhoods and Friendly Societies” Exhibition


From the 31st May the new exhibition “Brotherhoods and Friendly Societies,” which looks at the growth of fraternal and friendly societies in the district and highlights their diversity, will be on display at the Museum.

The new exhibition looks at the growth of fraternal and friendly societies in this area highlighting their diversity and indeed some similarities.

These organisations include the Freemasons, Ancient Order of Hibernians, Loyal Orange Order, Royal Black Institution and Irish National Foresters.

Their colourful regalia and memorabilia on display throughout the exhibition illustrate the common uses of symbolism and rituals,some of which date back to the Middle Ages.

In the past many of these societies often cared for members of the community who had fallen on hard times and many of the modern groups and clubs carry out charitable works.

These include the Rotary Club, the Inner Wheel, Soroptomists, Women’s Institute and the Round Table who carry out humanitarian and professional support and raise money for many worthy causes.

Church groups such as the Mothers Union, Presbyterian Women’s Association, the Knights of Columbanus and the Archconfraternity of the Holy Family and their members are also represented in the exhibition.

Artefacts on display highlight the importance of Trade Unions, who advocate workers rights, but were initially formed as Movements for the welfare of factory and mill workers from the Industrial Revolution onwards.

The exhibition is on display until May 2014 and entrance is free of charge.

Brotherhoods and Friendly Societies

"Back In Time At Newry and Mourne Museum"


Councillor Michael Ruane, Mayor of Newry and Mourne District Council, officially launched the comic, “Back in Time at Newry and Mourne Museum” on Tuesday 2nd October at Museum.

The comic, illustrated by local artist John Farrelly, acts as an introduction to the history of Newry and Mourne and makes the Museum Collection more accessible to younger visitors

The idea behind the comic is for the children who come along to the Museum with their parents to have a fun and colourful guide to the history of the area, the Museum and its collection.

Many of the artefacts from the Museum Collection make cameo appearances throughout the publication as evidence of the important developments in our region.

The book takes children through 9,000 years of history to see some of the major events and meet some the people that have helped shape the development of this historic region.

Significant moments from our past including, the early church, the Bagenals, the Plantation, the emergence of Newry as a merchant town, the construction the canal and the modern experiences of the 20th Century are included.

The comic also encourages the children to interact with the Museum as the many of the answers for brain teasers, puzzles and quizzes found in the book are in the galleries.

Speaking at the event Councillor Ruane took time to thank the artist john Farrelly “who has beautifully illustrated the comic and managed to capture some of the key moments in such a unique and vibrant way.”

For anyone who would like a copy of “Back In Time At Newry and Mourne Museum” there are a number of free copies available at the Museum.

Why not take a tour when you are here.

Back in Time at Newry and Mourne Museum

New Exhibition at the Museum


From 18th April the new temporary exhibition on “Landownership in South-West Down” will be open free of charge to the public.

The exhibition, which runs until 28th February 2015, explores local landlords such as the Halls of Narrow Water and the Ross family of Rostrevor, and their estates.

Special attention is given to the development of Warrenpoint and Rostrevor.

A wide variety of estate documents from the Museum’s Reside Collection is used in the exhibition to highlight different aspects of the history of estates and landowning families in the area.

The centre piece of the exhibition is a very colourful charter given to Sir Charles Russell in 1894 granting him a peerage as Baron Russell of Killowen.

Contact Details

For information on opening hours, events, services please telephone 028 3031 3182 / 3178 or visit www.bagenalscastle.com

SW Down Exhibition

Museum Closed on Easter Sunday 2014


The Museum will be closed Sunday 20th April 2014.

We are open on Easter Monday from 10am until 4pm, so come along and see the new exhibition "Landownership in South-West Down"

Newry and Mourne Museum would like to wish all of our guests and visitors a happy Easter.

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