Sacred Site

Bagenal's Castle

Rediscovery and Restoration

Remarkably, the Castle was not indicated on Ordnance Survey maps suggesting that it was largely forgotten by the 1830s. The celebrated Archaeological Survey of County Down, published in 1966, states that the Castle had long been destroyed even though knowledge of the building's historical significance had passed down through several generations of staff at McCann's Bakery. It wasn't until the bakery had been sold that the Castle was rediscovered by the Curator of Newry and Mourne Museum. The Northern Ireland Environment Agency then scheduled the Castle and entered into negotiations with the new owners to see how it could be accommodated in a new development.

Information gathered from excavations and surveys of the building have informed its restoration. We have been able to restore three of the original floor levels and many of the surviving features are highlighted throughout the exhibitions. This exciting development, which benefits for all of Newry and Mourne, is now open to the public.

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