Sacred Site

Bagenal's Castle

Rediscovered in 1996, Bagenal's Castle survived enveloped in the premises of the former McCann's Bakery on Abbey Way. The rediscovery has been an exciting opportunity for Newry and Mourne to preserve and restore one of the most important aspects of local heritage. The building is of significant historical interest as original plans and elevations of the building still survive in the National Archives of the United Kingdom. It was also built in the environs of the site of the Newry Cistercian Abbey founded in the 12th Century.

Newry and Mourne District Council have restored and developed the Castle and adjoining warehouse as a new Museum and Tourist Information Centre. This flagship project for Newry and Mourne provides a high-quality, dynamic museum service and acts as a focus for cultural, heritage and tourism activities in the area.

Elevation of Bagenal's Castle

Elevation of Bagenal's Castle circa 1568 © Crown Copyright.

Floor plan of Bagenal's Castle

Floor plan of Bagenal's Castle circa 1568 © Crown Copyright.

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