Personal information, cookies and our website - our privacy policy

The law - the Data Protection Act 1998 - says that every local authority must protect personal information collected through its websites. At Newry and Mourne District Council, we are committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information you give us.

This is our privacy policy. It explains how we collect, use and disclose the information you give us through our websites, and the processes we use to safeguard your information. When we use 'we' or 'us' in this privacy policy, we mean Newry and Mourne District Council and the people who work for us. If you give us information using our websites, you agree that we can use your information as set out in this policy. If we change our privacy policy, we will show the changes on this page. If you then continue to use our websites, you are agreeing to the changes we have made.

This privacy policy applies to five websites that are owned, managed and run by Newry and Mourne District Council:

Our websites may contain links or references to other websites, but this privacy policy only applies to the five websites names above. We advise you to read the privacy policy of all websites you visit.

Our address is:

Newry and Mourne District Council
O'Hagan House
Monaghan Row
Co. Down BT35 8DJ

If you have a query about our sites, please contact the IT Department at the above address, or send an email to it@newryandmourne.gov.uk

This privacy statement was last updated in April 2013.


Like most website owners, we use cookies - simple text files stored on your computer or mobile device - to collect anonymised information about how you use our site. For example, how you got to our website, the pages you looked at, and the type of browser you used. We use cookies created by Google Analytics to collect and process this information into statistics for us.

The statistics we get from Google Analytics helps us make sure our website is working properly and remains a useful source of information for you and other users. Cookies also speed up the interaction between your computer/mobile device and our website.

Our cookies do not collect personal information - this means we cannot identify you from the information we collect. And each of our cookies is unique to your web browser and can only be read by us - other websites cannot read them. Our cookie stops collecting information when you leave our website.

You can set your browser to:

  • accept all cookies
  • ask you to accept or reject cookies each time a website offers one, or
  • reject all cookies.

Please accept our cookies as this will:

  • enable you to use all the features of our websites on your computer or mobile device, and
  • help us make our websites better for all our users.

However, if you do not want us to collect this information, you can:

If you reject our cookies, you can still access most of the information on our websites, but cannot make full use of all our online services.

You can find out more about cookies at www.aboutcookies.org

IP addresses

Your Internet Service Provider automatically allocates an IP address to identify your computer and/or mobile device on the world-wide web. Newry and Mourne District Council gathers information about IP addresses to provide statistics on how people use our website.

Newry and Mourne District Council cannot use your IP address to identify you as a person nor collect any personal information about you.

However, we sometimes have to use IP addresses to identify those misusing our website. In these circumstances we will work with Internet Service Providers and law enforcements agencies as allowed by the law.

Financial information

If we ask you to give us financial information, such as your bank and credit card details, we will gather it through a secure connection so that nobody else can read or use it.

Personal information

We will not collect nor keep any personal information unless you choose to give us personal information:

  • in an email
  • in an electronic form on our website, or
  • when making a payment or asking about our services.

If we ask you for information, we will tell you what information you must tell us, and what information is optional.

We will only use your personal information to provide the information or services you ask for unless our form or website tells you that we may use it for other stated purposes, in which case we will use the personal information for those stated purposes only.

We will delete your personal information when we no longer need it for the purpose you gave it to us.

Giving us information by email or via our websites

We may monitor emails and other online communications you send us, but only as allowed by the the law.

We will never use the information you give us in an electronic form or in an email to send you emails or letters you have not asked us for, unless we ask your permission first.

But if you send us information by email, other people or organisations may be able to read it too. You should think about this when deciding whether to send personal or financial information to us by email.

If you decide to send personal or financial information to us by email, we cannot accept responsibility if this information is read and misused by others.

Third parties

We will not share your personal information or email address with anyone else unless:

  • we say so on our website or on our electronic forms, or
  • a third party provides a service on our behalf - we require third parties to sign up to this privacy policy before they can provide services on our behalf, or
  • you have given us permission to do so, or
  • the law* or a court tells us to.

*To prevent and detect fraud, the law allows us to share information with other organisations that have a responsibility for looking after public money and/or to prevent or detect crime.

Protecting your personal information

We will use leading-edge technology and encryption software to safeguard your data, and we will operate strict security standards to protect your information from loss, misuse or unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

We will record all personal information we receive onto a secure database, and the information on the database will only be used and processed by people who have signed up to treat the information as private and confidential.

However, where you use passwords, ID numbers, or other special access features on this site, you also have a responsibility to take reasonable steps to safeguard them.

Your rights to see the information we hold about you

You can ask to see details of the personal information you have given us through our websites.

If the information we hold about you is incorrect, we will, within reason, update or correct your personal information.

If you want to see this information, please contact our IT Department. You can send an email to it@newryandmourne.gov.uk or write to:

IT Department
Newry and Mourne District Council
O'Hagan House
Monaghan Row
Co. Down BT35 8DJ

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