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Newry & Mourne Museum

Our rich cultural heritage

Established in 1986, Newry and Mourne Museum aims to provide a dynamic and inclusive recreational and educational resource reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the local area.

The museum's diverse collections currently include material relating to prehistory; Newry's Cistercian foundations; Ulster's Gaelic Order and its relationship with the English Crown; the building of a merchant town and the first summit level canal in the British Isles; the working life and folk traditions of rural and mountain areas; fishing, trade and migration by sea; renowned local personalities and businesses; folklore, storytelling and music; and modern experiences of a Border area. All these aspects of local heritage are explored at through a varied programme of exhibitions, educational events and activities.

The Galleries

Gallery 1 traces the development of the Newry and Mourne area from the first human settlers up to the end of the 16th century. Gallery 2 focuses on the expansion of Newry during the 17th - 19th centuries. Gallery 3 charts the influence of political and economic events on the history of the area and on the lives of local people in the 20th century.


Newry and Mourne Museum was accredited in 2007, under the Museums, Libraries and Archives Accreditation Scheme which sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK.

Collections Policy

As an Accredited Museum, Newry and Mourne Museum acquires objects and documents according to its Acquisition and Disposal Policy which sets out the themes, type of artefact and collecting area.


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Salvation Army Poster
A Salvation Army Poster from 1923 goes on display in the Border Town Exhibition
A poster advertising a concert by a Salvation Army band held in Newry Town Hall in August 1923 has been added to the Border Town Exhibition in Gallery 3 (click on image for further details).